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"Belladonna for the heart. Chain of white oleander for the intestines. Ragwort for the liver."

Jack Crawford, the flowers expert.

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As much as I'm loving Chilton's sass this season he has a terrible track record

Chilton:I'm 110% sure Abel Gideon is the Chesapeake ripper look what he did to our nurse and he's been locked away 2 years coincidence I think not.
Hannibal:Oh really? *ripper rips*
Chilton:okay so maybe I was wrong about that but I'm 120% sure Will Graham is a intelligent remorseless psychopath just look at him he won't talk to me what a lunatic.
Hannibal:Oh Really? *ripper rips with fish hooks*
Chilton:Okay WELL have you heard all of Hannibal's cannibal puns? The dudes creepy it even RHYMEs! 150% sure he's the Chesapeake ripper go check it out Jack.
Hannibal:Oh REALLY *Has clean food and sexy alibi*
Chilton:Well shit
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flowers + music in 2.06 Futamono

Like music we are finite events - unique arrangements. 

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Hannibal put some blooms in a man-tree after he put his man-tree in a Bloom

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Harpsichord after J. Ruckers (Antwerp 1637), with six carved and gilded legs, built by William Horn, Brescia.

At Sotheby’s in New York, I purchased two excellent musical instruments, rare finds both of them. The first was a late eighteenth-century Flemish harpsichord nearly identical to the Smithsonian’s 1745 Dulkin, with an upper manual to accommodate Bach - the instrument was a worthy successor to the gravicembalo I had in Florence. My other purchase was an early electronic instrument, a theremin, built in the 1930s by Professor Theremin himself. The theremin has long fascinated me. 

This harpsichord was built after the Ruckers’, a famous French family of harpsichord builders in Anvers in the XVIth and XVIth centuries. I chose to play this instrument partly in memory of my mother, whose tunes still echo in my mind like a faint ringing bell. 

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gay pride parade

lesbian gluttony parade

bisexual greed parade

trans wrath parade

questioning envy parade

ally sloth parade

asexual lust parade 

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