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Love at first sight online conversation

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So I was in a car accident yesterday. I came out physically unscathed, but the emotional trauma will leave a very deep scar forever. I want to talk about this with anyone because it’s the only way I know how to cope, but it’s so difficult to open up about emotional trauma because no one will ever understand. They think I’m just an overreacting, wimpy, weak girl and that I should just get over it. This is probably why people who suffer from mental anguish or illness keep their depressing thoughts to themselves and have no one to reach out to. Others treat them with judgment, scrutiny, or pity. It’s a shame when these are the people who really need attention.

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I’m so happy to have him in my life. He’s been very supportive. My rock, my shoulder to cry on, my wind beneath my wings. He listens when everyone else turns away. He offers his comforting arms when everyone else is indifferent. <3

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Some are hoping that Naruto and Sasuke die in their battle. If that happens, Kakashi and Sakura are gonna have to repopulate the world!

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I just want to talk about how difficult it was for Kishimoto to draw this page. →



This entire chapter and this scene were the most emotional things we have gotten in a while and this disappearance, though inevitable, was arguably just as emotional as Itachi disappearing and even Minato and Kushina dying, possibly more.

But think about why this scene was so powerful to…

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I think this is the most epic episode in Shippuden.

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They all have depressing background stories, but Sasori’s is the saddest. Well, at least to me.

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Orochimaru being Orochimaru


Orochimaru being Orochimaru

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